How it Works

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“How it works” – E Learning

  • On deciding about your course of choice, click on the Enroll tab
  • After completing the Enrolment form, proceed for payment More: (Privacy Policy/Secured Payment)
  • Team Ambalam will send you an immediate response confirming your payment transaction. Upon realization of the payment, you will receive access to the learning portal and will be oriented by our technical team, who will make sure you are able to enjoy an issue free access to the course.
  • On enrolment, the Student is given a username and password for access into the learning portal. Student is provided a state of the art LMS, to facilitate learning. In the LMS the student can
    • view the self study material which is laid out according to internationally accepted instructional design,
    • see the chosen courses laid out module wise,
    • schedule classes,
    • receive messages,
    • participate in forums,
    • create own blog,
    • see grades,
    • log on to a Meet your Teacher – weekly class and
    • access archive of classes, etc.
  • Study materials are very carefully designed to facilitate easy learning.
  • The student will
    • Go through videos,
    • Take up automated assessments at end of every chapter,
    • Wade through invaluable resources like exhaustive glossary, Phonetic Chart, Audio download for practice, a custom made online shruthi box.
    • Download study materials in the form of PDFs and
    • Have option to record oneself and submit the same for review.
  • Meet your Teacher - virtual classes every week for half hour.
  • Students go through everything in a modular fashion and will necessarily have to complete assessments before proceeding to next level. Additional resources may be provided by the teacher.
  • In music and dance the student needs to learn a module of fitness and yoga before beginning the program.
  • The student can log in anytime, anywhere and engage in learning.
  • There are certified courses and courses which a student can take for arts' sake – without certification.
  • Only Karnatic Vocal, Bharathanatyam, Yoga for musicians and dancers, Music appreciation and Dance Appreciation are in a curriculum format. All other courses will work out of eAmbalam learning platform, but in a one to one web conferencing mode as in Skype.
  • One to One Virtual classes will also be conducted on our customized platform. Student needs to register for the appropriate course. The student will then be contacted with the available schedules and guided on technical setup. Fees for monthly sessions will be collected upfront. Students can use features of the LMS like mail box, blogs, file sharing, class scheduler, etc. They will also have access to past classes and records of classes held, fees paid, etc.
  • If in doubt, call us @ +91 44 4301 6555 or mail to our support team-



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