Top 10 Benefits

Top ten benefits of being a student in Kalpavriksha Online College of Arts  

1) A comprehensive curriculum based online training program on performing arts, first of its kind, designed for anytime, anywhere learning. Anyone of any nationality, gender or age (7+) with passion for arts can enrol. No prior exposure or learning experience needed.

2) A practical oriented program backed by student friendly materials created by Subject-experts targeted to provide holistic understanding of Indian classical music and dance. View more.

3) Structured courses, where each learning section is offered as short term course or semester. View more.

4) Module based learning using state of the art technology (SCORM Compliant robust Learning Management System) to facilitate easy learning and easy assessments. Self-study materials delivered in the form of neatly conceived audio-visual lessons coupled with weekly virtual class sessions. View more.

5) Affordable, flexible and self-paced online training program . View more: (show Pricing)

6) Dedicated, passionate and competent artists as faculty, in chosen art to guide students. View more.

7) Emphasis on physical and mental fitness by incorporating Yoga into the curriculum. View more.

8) Unswerving focus on tradition and principles.

9) Curriculum, teaching methods and assessment practices designed such that they are catalyzing for learners to optimize their creative expression in Music and Dance.

10) All courses designed to encourage and inspire artistry even in the common man.



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