Intention of the Course

  • These courses are for both a serious practitioner or for a student who would like to pursue the course - just art for art sake. The aim of the study is for students to experience, understand value and enjoy music and dance as an art form.
  • The Music and Dance syllabus has been developed to make both art forms accessible to all students and educators, irrespective of their geographic location, while encouraging the physical, creative and intellectual development of each student.
  • It encourages the creative and confident use of technologies, including traditional, contemporary and emerging applications in information and communication technologies.
  • It caters for students with and without prior knowledge and experience. eAmbalam provides a pathway to the study of Music and Dance, and encourages participation in and enjoyment of music and dance throughout life.
  • Engage and challenge all students to maximize their individual talents and capabilities for lifelong learning.
  • Encourage and enable all students to enjoy learning, to be self-motivated, reflective, competent learners who will be able to take part in further study, work or training.
  • Enable all students to develop positive self-concepts and their capacity to establish and maintain safe, healthy and rewarding lives.
  • Enable students to understand, develop and communicate ideas and information.
  • Access, analyze, evaluate and use information from a variety of sources.
  • Work collaboratively with others to achieve individual and collective goal.
  • Understand and appreciate social, cultural, geographical and historical contexts, and participate as active and informed citizens.
  • Express themselves through creative activity and engage with the artistic, cultural and intellectual work of others.
  • Value and appreciate their engagement in the study of music and dance as an art form.
  • Value and appreciate their involvement as a performer and as a audience member and how their involvement contributes to lifelong learning
  • Value and appreciate the distinctive ways in which they can express their own experiences. They also learn to value the development of cultural meanings and artistic traditions.


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